Thursday, July 15, 2010

Barbies, Barbies, Barbies (In Particular, Their Faces)

So, lately, I've been trying to familiarize myself with the different Barbie head molds, or face sculpts.  Why?  I don't know, I guess there's just a tiny part of me that wants to become a sort of amateur expert on them, like, you know, actually earn the title of doll collector.  Stupid?  Maybe.  But it doesn't change the fact that I want to do it.

It started with the Lea/Kayla headmold, which I discovered when I was searching for Asian Barbies, and then I found one I couldn't resist and bought her.  (I still haven't completely clothed her yet--a top is coming in the mail for her soon.)  Upon seeing my Lea (I like the name "Lea" better than "Kayla," so that's what I call her), my brother said she didn't really look Asian, and . . . yeah . . . I guess I have to admit he's right.  But I still love her and think she's gorgeous, and she's begun my obsession with the Barbies with the Lea/Kayla headmold.  So much so, in fact, that I just . . . sort of . . . bought another one!  And this has to be it for a while.  I have to stop spending money on dolls, at least for little a bit!

But in the meantime, the doll I just bought is a nude Really Rosy Lea!  And I'm very excited, because she's rather rare.  Here's a picture of her, from the eBay seller:

I think she's absolutely beautiful, and has a very sweet and kind look to her face.  I could live without the light purple lipstick, but oh well . . . Maybe I'll paint her lips myself (in a more, well, rosy color) if I can get up the guts to do something like that.  I'll also be needing to buy her a white Victorian-looking gown, because I've decided I want her to be the mother in my eventual Barbie Victorian scene, and I'll need . . . (shudder) . . . to rebody her.  That is, put her head on a Fashionistas articulated body.  I hope I don't screw that one up.

Anyway, that's my new Lea.  After that sculpt, my favorite is Teresa, and so I'm hoping to get a one (once I get some more money) to be Victorian Lea's sister.  (Eventually.  Eventually.)  Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of Teresas.  Note that they're all pretty much post-2000--we all know I'm not a huge fan of those earlier Barbies.

And I couldn't get a close-up of this last one, but her outfit is amazing! :)

So, yes, Lea/Kayla and Teresa are in the lead, but I also like Ana/Lara quite a bit.  I still want this Barbie Basics one:

Ooh. :) 

So those are my three favorite sculpts at the moment.  The Mackie sculpt is fine, and so is the Steffie, among others, but they don't seem as unique somehow.  The sculpt I really think is overdone (probably because Mattel uses it contantly) is the Superstar sculpt--like the Barbie they chose for Toy Story 3.

Just no Lea/Kayla if you ask me. :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


As I was preparing my lesson plan for tomorrow's evening class, I was thinking--for the millionth (well, no, probably billionth) time--that I wish I were self-employed.  It would be so wonderful to, yes, still have to work, but to do it for myself, really and truly for myself, and not some higher-up.  To wake up in the morning and know that, while there may be a long day ahead of me, it will be a long day spent fulfilling a dream.

What dream is this, you ask?  Well, I have a lot of dreams--to become a published writer, to be a great sculptor/dollmaker (that one's never gonna happen, haha)--but the one I'm talking about right now is the dream of owning and running my own children's bookstore.

It would be beautiful--like The Shop Around the Corner in You've Got Mail (not the store in the old movie actually titled The Shop Around the Corner, that You've Got Mail was "based" on--ugh).  I know it probably wouldn't do very well, because it wouldn't be a used bookstore--oh no, all the books would be new and glossy and lovely, except for rare and first edition copies.  And I would stock out-of-print books that I loved when I was younger, too, and those phenomenal volumes that I've picked up here and there that were hidden gems, just waiting for me to find them and expose them to young readers (and older readers, too). 

I would bring back all the L. M. Montgomery books, the ones you don't find anymore on the shelves of Barnes & Noble and Borders; the out-of-print Sandra Boynton books (Chloe and Maud, for one, in hardcover--oh, how I love Chloe and Maud--I named my first two hamsters after those absurdly comical little cats); all of Tove Jansson's Moomin books, including the first one, The Moomins and the Great Flood; more of Dare Wright's Lonely Doll books, most of all Edith and Big Bad Bill (Big Bad Bill was a gruff old bear, but I had a crush on him when I was little); Marianna's Flora McFlimsey books; and, oh--Mariette Vanhalewijn's Princess Penelope's 365 Dresses, which I adored when I was little for both its story and beautiful illustrations, and which I would give quite a bit to have and read again (and, yes, I had to look up the author's name to see how to spell it).

So it would all cost a lot of money, and probably wouldn't make much money, but this is a dream, right?  And while we're dreaming big, here's what else I would have in my children's bookstore:


Oh, yes, dolls--and animals.  Storybook dolls and fairy tale dolls and dolls that just plain look old-fashioned or unique or worthy of my "vision."  There are so many versions of Alice to choose from, so many princesses and fairies and dragons and the like.  And, if I could have unlimited funds and could decorate my shelves with any dolls I wanted (for sale and not for sale), here are some of the ones I'd include:

This Peter Rabbit and other needle-felted animals from Little Elfs Toyshop (

Bears like this one from twinklehooves' Miniature Crocheted Bears and Friends (

Tiny Dolls by madebyjoy like this doll, that I in fact bought and now own :)(

Fabric fairies and pixies such as this one (that I also own) from The Poppy Tree (

The little stoneware animals by C. Bunny Binx (

Little bendy dolls like this from Princess Nimble-Thimble (

This sweet ballerina, and other dolls like it, from las sandalias de ana, or handmade cute gifts (

These Wizard of Oz figures, and other little gnomes and such, from humbleBea's (

This fox from Antoine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince (I own one of these foxes, too) by Belcast Curiosities (

This Little Red Riding Hood by The Fairies' Nest (

An Anne of Green Gables like this one from Enchanted Belles by Sarah (

Dragons of this kind from Dragons and Beasties (

An Alice like this needle-felted Polka Dots Girl by Emilie Friday (

And so many, many more!  (I love Etsy. :) )

Ah, well.  It's late, though, and I should be going to bed.  My dream will have to wait for now.  To sleep . . . to dream . . . but not "no more." :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moxies and BRATZ!!!! I Can't Believe IT!!!

Oh . . . my . . . God! How did I miss this news?! All this time, I was thinking that Bratz were over, finished, done, and now I find out (incredibly late, apparently)--that they're coming back, revamped, restyled, resculpted, and all around even more fantastic that before! Cloe, Jade, Yasmin, and Sasha are RETURNING for 2010, and ten new characters will be making their debuts as well!

Can you tell I'm excited? This is unbelievable!

Here are the pics, found on Facebook and Flickr. (They just makes me crazy!)





Oh . . . frickin' . . . yes! Sorry, but as a doll lover who used to ask for a million Bratz for her birthday and Christmas, this is like finding out there's a fountain of youth or that money grows on trees! (All right, it's not as great as either of those things . . . not even close actually . . . but you get the point.) Woo!

Jade has always been my favorite, with her light skin and black hair--and I still really like this 10th Anniversary one--but I have to say that Yasmin is looking to be my favorite of the group this time. (She's always been my second favorite overall anyway. :) ) I just love her wavy brown hair here, and her little knit hat is adorable--such a pretty color! Cloe looks very sweet and girly, which is nice, and Sasha looks chic and sophisticated with the bobbed hair and white pants. I'm not usually a fan of the whole skinny pants thing, but I think they really work here. And Jade, of course--well, Jade's hair is beautiful, and her face, like the new faces of all the dolls, is fantastic. I adore the makeup. So pretty and sophisticated. The dolls are supposed to be out Fall 2010, but I saw somewhere that they may be in stores as soon as early July. Early July! That's only a few days away!

I seriously cannot wait. What was that about not having money for dolls? I will find a way.

And as if the return of Bratz isn't enough, now the Moxie Teenz are here--another thing I seem to have been unbelievably in the dark about. I love the Moxie Girlz (which apparently are no longer just a replacement for Bratz) and own a few--two Lexas and one Sophina--so it seems natural that I would love Moxie Teenz as well. And I think I will. Right now their faces look a little more babyish than I would expect a teen face to look (not that I want another teen doll looking like she's in her mid-twenties), but I think I'll get used to them. They're also apparently very tall--fourteen inches--which seems a little strange, but, again, I think I'll get used to that, too. In fact, I'm willing to bet I'll adore the extra inches once I get my hands on one.

Here's the thing, though--some people already have their hands on them. Yes, it's true. Supposedly some of them are out in stores now, but I haven't seen any. Once I get through with work in the next couple of days, you'd better believe I will be searching Targets, Wal-Marts, and Toys 'R' Us's. I'd post pics, but I can't seem to find any stock photos and don't want to step on any toes . . . you never know when even trying to give credit isn't enough. :)

Unfortunately, in looking on Flickr for those non-existent stock photos, I stumbled across some new "Barbie" dolls (in quotes because they don't look much like Barbies) called Flairies, or, individually, Shim'R, Glim'R, and Shyn'R.

I . . . can you guess? . . . kinda want them.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


So do you know what I hate?  Hobbies that take lots and lots of money.  Sigh.

Oh, I know, lots of hobbies take money, especially the ones that involve collecting, but it just kind of drives me crazy.  After all, I don't just want to own dolls--I also want to customize them and create new looks and scenes, which the artistic expression in me is simply dying for.  I can't do anything, though, unless I have money: I have to buy the dolls, I have to buy clothes, I have to buy shoes and accessories, sometimes I have to buy wigs . . . And, yes, I know, I could learn how to make my own clothes, I suppose (I did always enjoy sewing back in school), but I'm always so low on energy . . . and also, I doubt I'm all that much of a high fashion designer.  I know what I want much of the time, but could I sew it?  I don't know.

Oh, well.  I guess I should stop complaining, right?  There are people who can't afford food, and here I am griping about the cost of a Barbie dress.  I'm annoying myself.

The good new is, then, that I found an incredibly cheap ($2.50) knockoff Snow White doll at Big Lots.  You know, it's one of those ones that's dressed (cheaply) to look like the Disney version, but it clearly isn't.  Usually these kinds of dolls are terrible, but this one was adorable!  (Or so I thought.)  I got her, of course, and there will be pics of her soon. :)

I did do one other thing I shouldn't have tonight, though--I bought a top and skirt for my Lea Barbie.  I just couldn't stand seeing her posing nude, hand on hip, on my coffee table anymore.  She looked so cold!  And that blue-green skirt--the only skirt I found that looked remotely like the type of thing I wanted--was on sale on eBay, and I was afraid someone else might get it at long last!  And the top--well, it was one of only two pink tops that were appropriate.  I didn't order any shoes yet.  I might just use some I have.  They aren't exactly what I envisioned, but, remember--money.

So maybe someday I'll get that Barbie Fashionista and turn her into a Victorian mother . . . maybe someday I'll get that Rapunzel's Wedding Kelly and make her a Victorian daughter . . . And maybe someday I'll get my Mystikats Go L.I.V.E Talin, my Sylvanian rabbit twins and bassinet and living room furniture, and my second wave Daniela with new wig and dress.

Maybe.  Someday.  For now, I suppose I wait.  (And maybe can force myself to make some things in clay!)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Miwa

Well, here she is!  My Berenguer baby!  (I got to put the almost-dead set of batteries in the camera.)  I've named her Miwa, which means "beautiful harmony" in Japanese, because, well, I think she's beautiful, and because the name itself sounds sweet and pretty.  (I know, I know--you'd think this was a real child I was talking about.)

Anyway, here we go.  (Please ignore any stains on the loveseat.  Ahem.)  

All wrapped up in her blanket:

Up close:

In just her little cap and sleeper (aren't they cute??):


And, finally, a close-up without the cap:

I love this little baby so much.  She's going back to snuggle with the teddy bear soon . . . but she's staying on the loveseat for just a little bit longer for now. :)

New Blog

I began a blog to discuss "all things doll" on livejournal almost two months ago, but I've now decided to move the discussion here.  If anyone ever reads this and wants to see what's happened before this, here is the link to my livejournal blog:

And now, to jump right in--I'm exhausted.  It's 6 o'clock in the morning, and I haven't been to sleep yet, but somehow I decided I needed to set up a new blog right away.  And also to say that I got a baby doll that is two firsts in one for me: a) she's my first Berenguer, and b) she's my first Asian baby.  She's absolutely adorable.  She's dressed in a little white sleeper and cap with pink trim, and she came with a pink blanket with "Newborn Baby" embroidered on it. 

Have I mentioned yet that I treat all my dolls and animals as if they were alive--and actually almost half-believe that they are?  Well, I do, and so when I carefully unwrapped my new little baby and held her in my hands, I made sure to support her head and folded the pink blanket around her as gently as I could.  (My dog also had to come and sniff her, because she smelled like baby powder.)  Then, after holding her in my hands and staring at her for a million years, I finally placed her gently in the corner of the loveseat no one was currently using.

I don't want to put her in my back room.  Ever.  Because once she's back there, I won't be able to stare at her every time I turn my head toward the loveseat.  But I know I have to take her back eventually, and once I do, I think I'm going to put her in the arms of one of my bigger teddy bears.  I can trust him to take good care of her.

I wish I could post pictures of her, but, unfortunately, my boyfriend took the batteries out of the camera and put them in his Wii remote.  Sigh.  Maybe I will be able to get some pictures up in the next couple of days.

For now, though, good-night.  Or, well--good morning. :)  (I need to stop staying up like this.)