Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Baby Miwa

Well, here she is!  My Berenguer baby!  (I got to put the almost-dead set of batteries in the camera.)  I've named her Miwa, which means "beautiful harmony" in Japanese, because, well, I think she's beautiful, and because the name itself sounds sweet and pretty.  (I know, I know--you'd think this was a real child I was talking about.)

Anyway, here we go.  (Please ignore any stains on the loveseat.  Ahem.)  

All wrapped up in her blanket:

Up close:

In just her little cap and sleeper (aren't they cute??):


And, finally, a close-up without the cap:

I love this little baby so much.  She's going back to snuggle with the teddy bear soon . . . but she's staying on the loveseat for just a little bit longer for now. :)

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